About the company

Vostok-Service is the leader of Russian and European labor protection market, the leading developer, producer and supplier of workwear, safety footwear, individual PPE and other accompanying goods.

Vostok-Service is well known for its sourcing, development and introduction of innovative products and technologies in occupational safety and health (OSH). In close cooperation with the world leading PPE companies, namely 3M, Ansell, UVEX, Honeywell, Deb-STOKO, Du Pont, JSP, MSA, NOKIAN and Scott, our specialists manage to find modern materials for the manufacture of protective equipment, the most efficient technologies, products and solutions. The experience, best practices and manufacturing capabilities of our partners are always at our service.

Vostok-Service is an international holding company with foreign assets in the Czech Republic (the company Cerva Export Import a.s.), Slovakia (Cerva Slovakia), Poland (Cerva Poland), Hungary (the company Vektor Kft.), Italy (a shoe company, Panda Sport srl.), India (Cerva India). Russian assets of Vostok-Service comprise unique production facilities (8 sewing and 4 shoe factories), a powerful network of regional representative offices (120 branches), an extensive retail network (260 company shops in 170 cities with population of above 100,000 people) in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Azerbaijan. 

Today the Vostok-service group of companies stands for…

  • Innovative products and technologies.
  • Wide range of goods.
  • Complex solutions in the sphere of OSH.
  • Quality conforming to the ISO 9001: 2008.
  • Choice of the most large enterprises.
  • Cooperation with the PPE Association.

Vostok-Service GC has already achieved a great deal but there is still much to strive for: new levels of improvement and modernization, development of new markets, and re-equipment of production facilities, which will significantly increase production output and make the product quality outstanding.

All these undertakings are aimed at the solution of the primary task set by Vostok-Service – development and establishment of high work culture, helping to make the work more effective, safer, more comfortable and prestigious.