Our brands

is a line of inexpensive means of fall protection and accessories to assemble kit for any type of work at height. These are made of high quality materials and composite to ensure protection against falls when working at height. European quality at an affordable price.
is footwear for the category IV and special climatic zones. Footwear uppers are made of durable material with nylon fibres. The bottom of the footwear is made in the form of special rubbers of composite materials, namely polyurethane and nitrile rubber (-50°C (-58°F) to 150°C (302°F), VIBRAM® technology). Package of state of the art insulation (Thinsulate, foil-coated material, nonwoven fabric). Removable stockings. Models differ by the way of the top adjustment and by means of straps or laces edgeways. Retroreflective stripes. Anti-perforationKevlar insole. Lightweight polycarbonate toe (200 J).
is a line of summer and heat-insulated gloves, leggings made of genuine leather and composite to provide mechanical and thermal protection. The gloves have high wear resistance and are suitable for heavy mechanical work.
is a line of lightweight noise-attenuating earplugs. Headbands of all types: standard, magnum, on the helmet. Colour differentiation of earpieces. State of the art design. Noise-attenuating up to 33 dB.
is an innovative solution for welders, a collection of state of the art clothing and personal protective equipment made of natural cotton fabrics with flame-resistant Proban trim and Termoshild SS material with siliconized cover, and special design solutions. The collection includes ZEUS suit, helmet lining, apron, leggings. Products provide reliable protection against sparks and molten metal splashes and are highly resistant to burning through (up to 300 seconds) with permanent fire retardant qualities (withstand up to 200 washes). They ensure high user comfort through the use of natural materials (organic cotton, split leather).
is a line of stylish safety goggles with high quality optical lenses and durable anti-scratch coating. Due to its modern design and improved quality lenses I-SPETSTOR goggles ensure effective and comfortable protection meeting the needs of the most demanding users.
MONBLAN is a line of special clothes and footwear to provide protection from exposure to extremely low temperatures (down to -40°C (-40ºF), and -60°C (-76ºF)). Distinctive features of this clothing are its light weight, small bulk, and heat-insulating properties equal to those of down. The MONBLAN line is fashion clothing with special design elements, providing extra comfort for working under the conditions of the Far North (a special flap with a zipper in the back of a jump suit, windproof skirt, fleece collar trim, inner cuffs on sleeves and at the bottom of the trousers, etc.), with retroreflective elements, as well as models for active recreation, a heat-insulated cap with ear-flaps, thermal underwear and boots.
The novelty is particularly comfortable lining materials. Dry System technology. Applied natural smooth skin.
are warm suits and jackets which are very popular in central Russia. They are designed for protection from exposure to low temperatures. The Fabric of the top of NORD products is the increased durability Tomboy fabric with C50 oil- and water repellent trim and acid-resistive trim (resistant to acids and alkali with concentration up to 50%). The heat-insulation is a lightweight and practical Hollowfibre. The jacket and overalls include areas that are most susceptible to contamination, protected with wear faces made of dense Oxford. NORD products are provided with Scotchlite stripes of retroreflective materials to increase the security of workers in the conditions of reduced visibility.
is a budget solution, a line of inexpensive closed and open goggles with base coatings for eye protection against physical and chemical (models with acetate lens) damage.
is a line of classic footwear resistant to corrosive substances. Features of the models include attachment of soles of cold-resistant rubber using the GOODYEAR method with a collar for fixing nitrile soles (-40°C (-40°F) to 250°C (482°F)). RANG uppers are made of water-repellent genuine leather. Heat-insulated models use natural fur, i.e. sheepskin. The footwear has a special lining on the heel and toe to protect against bumps and protect the ankle from impact (soft parts of expanded materials inside and convex inserts sideways). The toe is composite (200 J). Some models are made of retroreflective elements. The line consists of models of summer and heat-insulated boots and shoes.
is a collection for healthcare service. Collection of SANTORINI is wear for men and women of all ages and physique, who love their work and want to look at their workplace always original and stylish.
SPETS is a line of special winter and summer clothing, footwear and enhanced comfort safety equipment (suits, jackets, trousers, overalls, heat-insulated and tool vests, hats, gloves, boots), meeting the needs of businesses in female and male clothing for technical engineering and maintenance personnel. SPETS heat-insulated clothing is manufactured with the use of membrane fabrics at the top and state of the art heaters. SPETS shoes with PU/nitrile/nitrile three-layer sole (-40ºC (-40ºF) to 300ºC (572ºF) (60 s)) are made of smooth heat-resistant leather with a shock absorbing insert in the heel, a composite toe cap (200 J). SPETS range of models allows a collection to be easly created in the corporate colour scheme of any enterprise. The SPETS product line has everything necessary for people at work to feel not only protected, but also remarkably comfortable.
is a line of respiratory protective equipment, including facial filtering half masks, half masks and full face masks with replaceable filters, including for welding. SPIROTEK uses only the most up-to-date technology and materials in manufacturing.
is a budget solution. The lightweight footwear is made with an increased thickness natural leather sole with single layer of polyurethane (-25°C (-13°F) to 80°C (176°F)). Protection depth is not less than 4 mm, seams inside the shoes are closed with a combined lining to prevent chafing.
is a collection with increased flexibility elements inside. Natural smooth leathers, reliably protecting the foot from aggressive environments and providing hygroscopicity shoes. Anatomical insole with perforations for comfort.
is a line of universal male and female leather footwear with a two-layer PU/TPU molded sole. Genuine leather. Thermal stability of sole: from -35°C (-31°F) to 120°C (248°F), self-cleaning tread. Additional protection against rear impact - pad Support System. Impact protection is a metal toe with corrosion-resistant coating and rubber packing to prevent chafing. The TRAIL line consists of sandals, summer and winter boots, footwear, high boots, as well as summer and heat-insulated models of LADY TRAIL female footwear.
is a collection of universal footwear with outer PU/nitrile complex molded soles. Wide operating temperature range (-45°C (-49°F) to 300°C (572ºF)). Recommended for use in category IV and special climate zones. High-quality 1.8 mm leather, contrast stitching. Protection against rear impact is a lining of thermoplastic Support System material. Side impact protection is provided by a foam insert. Lightweight composite toe cap (200 J). In addition to natural fur, heat-insulated models with state of the art heat-insulation packages are used.
is a line of high quality gloves to protect hands from mechanical impact and abrasion, created specifically for the most diverse and popular works. FREE HAND is a combination of the finest materials, reliability and functionality, ensuring safety and comfort.
is a line of summer and heat-insulated male and female clothing and footwear to provide protection against thermal hazards from an electric arc. The line includes three collections of clothes with different levels of protection (The ELECTRA collection of natural cotton fabrics with flame-resistant Proban trimming, ELEKTRA-N collection of aramid Nomex® Comfort fabric, ELEKTRA BIO collection of Biotherm fabric with antistatic properties and collection of footwear for energy sector, as well as linen, summer and heat-insulated helmet lining, heat-resistant jackets, capes, jackets, shirts, sweater, cloak). ELECTRA footwear with PU/nitrile molded soles (-45°C (-49°F) to 300°C (572ºF is made of heat-resistant leathers using fireproof threads, fabrics with NOMEX fibres, colour inserts of natural leather. No metal parts (metal free). Fitted with heat-resistant laces. Lightweight composite toe cap (200 J).