HR policy

the MAIN PURPOSE of the hr policy of Vostok-Service group of companies is to form an optimal personnel structure able to achieve its strategic business objectives.


1. Human resource planning — determining recruitment needs.

Human resource planning is focused on assessing the quantitative and qualitative recruitment needs of all the structural divisions of Vostok-Service.


2. Recruitment, selection and assessment of staff


Vostok-Service is continuously searching for and recruiting high-potential people and high-calibre professionals, as well as evaluating regular staff.

3. Vocational training and personnel development

In order to develop staff in Vostok-Service, a system of continuous vocational training and personnel development is implemented for the employees:

  • new knowledge concerning important activities of Vostok-Service; 
  • ability to deal with a specific production situation;
  • experience in professionally significant situations.

4. System of promotion and the use of personnel

The staff get promoted in two ways:

  • resulting from staff turnover;
  • by the organization of different types of reserved executive positions with the creation of individual learning plans for the employees with potential.

5. Staff incentive and compensation system

The basic policy principle of staff incentive is providing a unified approach to the payment of Vostok-Service workers, establishment of direct relationship between remuneration and actual performance with regard to selected indicators and the reduction of labour costs in performing the work at all stages of production.

6. Social policy

Social policy is part of personnel management policy that includes goals and activities related to voluntary social services of Vostok-Service.