Protection materials and technologies

One-layer polyurethane molding

One-component polyurethane molding is a progressive method of production of footwear on the sole resistant to various corrosive environments.

The sole formation process

The foamed PU, initially thermoreactive liquid polymer, capable to pass into a firm state under the influence of high temperatures, is used in the one-layer molding technology. Extending, it fills the top part of a compression mold. The footwear top blank, tightened on a block, falls  to a compression mold. Then, PU is injectected in the compression mold, and the sole is inflown in the molding unit.

It results in a footwear on a one-layer PU sole. It is light weight, suitable for work under the temperature ranging from -25ºC to +80ºC and surpasses the footwear on the thermoelastopalst sole.

Different types of molding units and German equipment DESMA with special sets of programs for density control of the obtained sole, control product weight, cycles of chemical processes are used for the production of one-layer soles at «Vostok-Service» Group of Companies.

Our shoemakers use additional hi-tech equipment — robots for roughing and dispersion of dividing greasings, as well as equipment for injection of dyes.