Protection materials and technologies

Grip technology

Ansell Grip Technology™ is the new technology of "wet capture". It works similar to a tire tread sliding on water: actively pushes out oils and other greasings through microscopic channels in a glove covering. As a result, a considerable part of a glove surface remains dry and provides almost the same strong capture, as in case of a dry surface, even after the contact with the grease-contaminated objects.

Ansell Grip Technology™ ensures the reliable capture with the subjects covered with grease of the various viscosity. Workers can freely manipulate the subjects covered with mineral oils, emulsion lubricants or other greasy substances.

The tests carried out by Ansell, show that the gloves made using Ansell Grip Technology™ guarantee more reliable capture in case of a wet or greasy surface, than equivalent products. Laboratory tests and practical researches confirm that in case of using the gloves produced with the application of Ansell Grip Technology™ the effort necessary for holding the slippery objects is much lower than the effort required when using usual gloves.