Protection materials and technologies


Polyurethane is a versatile polymer material having virtually an unlimited number of modifications with desired properties.

Today polyurethane successfully replaces various types of rubber, plastic and metals. It has unique properties — elasticity, durability and high-wearing feature. Polyurethane high-wearing feature is 3 times higher than that of a standard rubber. It exceeds rubber in tension strength by 2.5 times (35 Mpa — for polyurethane and 12.7 MPa — for rubber).

Polyurethane withstands compressive pressure of 105 MPa and can be used at a tempreature ranging from 50 degrees below zero up to 140 degrees above zero.

Polyurethane compounds production is a complicated and energy-consuming process: two components, polyol and isocyanide, are mixed and heated and polyetheramines are added thereto. This process requires the use of expensive equipment.

The technolgy of raw materials manufacturing for polyurethane is possessed by Russia, Germany, Italy, France, Australia and USA.