Protection materials and technologies

Toes protection (toepuffs)

Most industrial productions require providing of additional toe protection for workers against 200 J forepart hitting. Therefore, various toepuffs are used - metal corrosion-proof puffs with special rubber edging that prevents chafing, or light toepuffs made of composite materials.

Modern composite or polycarbonate toepuffs gain popularity.

Most composites are made up of two types of components: matrix and incorporating reinforcing elements. The reinforcing elements provide the required mechanical characteristics of composite materials (resistance, stiffness etc.) and the matrix (or binders) — guarantees the combined action of reinforcing elements and protection against mechanical damage and severe chemical environment.

One of the advantages of composite toepuff is its lightness and ability not to magnetize nor cool the toes.

If metal toepuffs are used in shoes to protect toes, it is important to use it together with foam materials as pads, or provide it with rubber pads protecting feet against metal chafing and smoothing material fluctuations inside the shoes.