Protection materials and technologies


Tyvek® is a high-tech membrane material developed and produced by DuPont. The unique material serves as an excellent barrier against solid particles, aerosoles, splittings of liquid water-based agents of low concentration and radioactive particles.

Light, durable and «transpirable» Tyvek material® provides both reliable protection and comfort.

Tyvek® nonvowen fabric is composed of millions of thin continuous HDP fibers produced by superfast modeling and bonded under high temperature. Microholes between the plaited fibers hold the external dirt but herewith excellently release the moisture evaporated by the body. The unique nonvowen structure of the material determines its high protective properties and comfort.

Tyvek® chemical protection coveralls protect people against the occupational hazards or are used for the protection of technological processes and products against the pollution by the human being.

Tyvek® advantages

  • Excellent protection against splitting the liquid chemicals of low concentration(30–40%).
  • Reliable barrier against dust and solid particles with a size of more than 1 micron.
  • Durability.
  • Comfortable material «breathes» — passes air and vapour.
  • Antistatic treatment.
  • Low pile separation.