Protection materials and technologies


Nomex® is a meta-aramide fiber developed by DuPunt. Based on this fiber a range of fire-resistant and heat-resistant materials are produced. Nomex® effectively protects against flame, high temperatures and electric arc thermal effect.

Protective properties constitute an integral part of the fiber. They are defined by its molecular structure, and are not a result of chemical treatment or additives application. This unique feature allows to preserve the fire-resistance and heat-resistance properties of clothing made of Nomex® fabric during the whole useful life.

Fabrics made of Nomex® fiber perfectly pass vapor and air, are characterized by great hygienic and hygroscopic properties. Unique dumbbell shape of the fiber ensures great air and vapor permeability.

Advantages of Nomex fabrics®

  • Do not sustain combustion and do not melt.
  • Preserve the integrity under high temperatures.
  • Do not give off toxic gases and fume.
  • Resistant to many chemical agents.
  • Have high durability and wear resistance.
  • Ensure comfort.