Protection materials and technologies

Antistatic thread

Congestion of static stress is dangerous in an explosive environment since even a spark of the lowest energy formed at the friction of objects or clothing elements is capable to lead to inflammation or even explosion.

There are two ways to remove static electricity from the workwear.

  1. Charge distribution from a congestion place to the area of the whole suit and ensuring its running off.  
  2. Neutralization (clearing) of a charge. 

Charge distribution

Distribution of a charge and its subsequent running off is provided by the fabrics with the metal (Bekinox®), metalized (Resistat®) or carbonic (carbon) threads. Such fabrics are characterized by a definitive pattern — a cage or strip pattern which are formed by the built-in antistatic threads.

The charge running off from the suit can be carried out due to the air humidity. The higher air humidity, the larger the suit area along which the static stress will be distributed, and the bigger the quantity of the closed contours (cages) or directing lines which are formed by the antistatic threads, the faster the charge surplus will run-off.

The thread Bekinox® is made of 100% stainless steel

Due to the fact that the thread is made from 100% metal (the conductivity of metal is thousand times higher than the electrical conductivity of non-metallic materials), the speed of the charge distribution and running off from the fabric surface considerably exceeds that of the equivalent products.

Fabrics with Bekinox® thread

  • Have specific resistance of 10–10Ohms, that is much lower than 107 Ohms (the indicator defining the fabric as the antistatic one).
  • Promote distribution of a static charge (EN 1149-1, GOST 12.4.124-83).
  • Provide instant running off of the charge (EN 1149-3).
  • Not electrified in the conditions of low electric fields.
  • Preserve antistatic properties even after 100 washings.
  • Do not influence the performance of clothing (hygiene, plasticity, comfort). 

Charge neutralization

In this case the antistatic fiber in the fabric structure does not distribute the charge, but neutralizes, extinguishes it, acting as an induction coil. Negastat® or P140 fibers neutralizing any superficial charge on the fabric by the charge induction and air ionization are used for such fabrics. The clothing made of the antistatic fabrics with the fibers neutralizing the charge don't need obligatory grounding.