Protection materials and technologies

Oil and Water-Repellent Finish (OWR Finish)

OWR finish is water-based and prevents interaction of fabric with other chemical substances due to formation of molecular fluorocarbon protection around the fibers. Concentration of fluorocarbon molecular groups is so high, that the distance between them is smaller than the sizes of water, grease or oil molecules. This prevents liquids from penetration into the fabric.

As a result of fluorocarbon groups and fibers interaction the force of gravity between the fabric and the liquid molecules decreases. Thus, technology guarantees the maximum protection against water, grease and oil products.

Taking into account the fact that a sweat molecule is smaller than a water molecule, grease or oil molecules, sweat vapor easily gets outside across the fluorocarbon molecular groups — the fabric has great vapor permeability and ensures comfortable wearing.

Advantages of OWR Finish

  • Ensures guaranteed protection from water, grease and oil products.
  • Does not reduce the fabric's hygienic properties: vapor and air permeability.
  • Preserves the initial appearance: does not influence the color, marking, weight.
  • Resistant to washing and dry-cleaning.