Protection materials and technologies


Fleece is a synthetic material made of polyester fibers. It was invented for cold-protective clothing manufacturing in 1979.

Production technology is simple: non-woven polyester fabric is placed on a flat surface, and then it is rolled with rollers dotted with numerous small hooks. Hooks break the non-woven material integrity forming a resistant nap and numerous tiny air-cavities inside the fabric structure. Air which fills the cavities is an excellent heat insulator. Consequently, we get a new material with a unique set of properties called — fleece.

Fleese basic properties

  • Softness.
  • Light weight (polyester — is a light fiber).
  • Good «breathing» properties.
  • Elasticity.
  • No special care required (machine washable).
  • Quick dry.
  • Wear-resistant.
  • Highly insulating  (even when it is wet).
  • Not subject to biodeterioration.
  • Non-allergic.
      Additionally, high-quality fleece undergoes an anti-pilling treatment preventing nap pilling and retaining the material properties.