Protection materials and technologies


Softshell is a type of modern material with the durable, waterproof, wind resistant, abrasion-resistant outer layer with the fleecy back side,transpirable and comfortable. Softshell combines the protective properties of several clothing layers. Articles made from it are easy to use and provide greater possibilities to regulate the temperature balance of the body.

The clothing made of softshell is especially effective and comfortable in the conditions of cold, windy weather, during a small drizzling rain (you can wear it without a waterproof jacket and sweater). Softshell excellently serves as an additional warming layer in the conditions of the extremely low temperatures. This clothing is better be used in combination with an upper waterproof windbreaker or raincoat during the long stay under the downpour.

Softshell used for the production of «Vostok-Servis » clothing contains a small amount of spandex fiber (elastane). This ensures a perfect fit of the clothing, its elasticity (ability to stretch and quickly restore its shape even after multiple washings) which is very important during the vigorous activity. The clothing made of softshell is not awkward, provides the greater freedom of movement and has less weight and less cost.