Protection materials and technologies


Holofiber is a non-woven material consisting of hollow polyester fibers twisted in spring-shape. Due to hollow fibers Holofiber provides good insulation and is less exposed to caking.

Products with Holofiber insulation perfectly keep shape even on continuous use. This contributes to a spiral-shaped fiber (a type of spiral coil) which allows a product retaining its shape and its easy recovering. Holofiber is environmentally friendly and non-toxic; it neither absorbs moisture and odors, nor sustains combustion.

Basic properties

  • After-wash or dry-clean dimensional changes — no more than 2,0–3,0%.
  • Resistance to repetitive compression — not less than 70%.
  • Non-toxic for human body — 4th class of hazard, GOST 12.1.007.
  • Non-woven calendered fibers do not penetrate through the adjacent textile fabrics in end products.
  • Shape retention after numerous washing cycles (deformation  — no more than 2–3%).