Protection materials and technologies

PVC coating

PVC coating is a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) coating applied to fabric to give it water-proof properties.

PVC — is a low-cost material resistant not only to water, but also to some chemicals, which makes it possible to produce a wide range of colors coatings retaining its color for a long time due to the finishing.

Depending on the thickness and number of layers of the polyvinyl chloride used, the material with PVC coating becomes totally waterproof: it acquires water resistance up to 5,000 mm of water column, resistance to low-concentrated (up to 30%) acid and salt solutions, alkali liquors. When combined with taped seams PVC coating provides excellent clothing waterproofness and absolute resistance to wind (windproofness).

PVC coated fabrics are used to produce waterproof workwear (jackets, coats, suits) for workers of different branches of industry and agriculture (GOST R 12.4.134-83), whose activities are related to conditions of high humidity, as well as for hunters, fishermen, adventure travellers.