Protection materials and technologies


Thinsulate insulation was invented by American company "3M" in 1978. It was intended for spacesuits production. Easiness along with good insulation are the main criteria in choosing outfit for work in the open space. Thinsulate has complied with all the requirements, and it is no coincidence that the name is derived from "thin" and "insulation".

Over the years Thinsulate has been used in production sector for warm clothing manufacturing.

Thinsulate — is a synthetic material presenting the finest fibrage. It is 10 times thinner than the human hair and consumes little space in total insulation volume, at the same time making up an air cushion which protects from cold. Regular popyester fibres are much thicker, consequently, their insulation properties are lower, and the item size is bigger. Thinsulate filling material  is 1,5 times warmer than underfur.