Protection materials and technologies


Scotchlite™ retroreflectivity technology was developed in the 30s of the 20th century in the USA, when Minnesota Traffic Department required to increase the visibility of objects on unlit country roads after dark.

To produce the material that would be able to fully reflect the rays falling on it in the direction of light source the productioon technology for sandpaper and glutinous substances was taken as a basis. Abrasive layer of a sandpaper was replaced with glass microspheres having light reflection properties.

The resulting reflective material Scotchlite™ has well proven itself when tested in low visibility conditions (bad weather, darkness): after the contact with rays of light coming, for example,  from car headlights the object coated with Scotchlite™ material elements became well seen!

Modern Scotchlite™ versions have also the following properties:

  • well adapted to dry cleaning and laundry;
  • characterized by flexibility and comfort;
  • used in thermoapplication;
  • withstand very high temperatures.