Protection materials and technologies


Membrane microscopic pores allow water vapors to freely come outside while blocking moisture penetration inside. PU-membrane is distinguished by high water-, wind-, and frost-resistance, and retains these qualities in use.

Water resistance

The ability to restrain and repel moisture on fabric facial surface, and to keep it outside, even in case of force applied to segments with moisture on the surface. Fiber with membrane water-resistant PU coating «works»perfectly in the rain and gusty wind, wet snow, and if you need to sit or stand on a wet surface. 

Frost resistance

Fabric ability to provide protective functions at low temperatures (up to -60°С): keep elasticity and resistance to cracks and fractures. Cracks on clothing not only worsen the outside appearance: even with a small crack the human body loses heat much faster, and precipitation can penetrate under clothing.

Vapor permeability

The ability to «breathe» is another indicator of membrane PU-coating fibers comfort. It means that moisture released by the body during work is brought out on the suit surface and evaporates leaving dry clothing inside.

Even in the state of rest the human body sweats around 60 г of moisture. At low activity (walking, simple exercises) the number increases to 500 г. If it refers to a person performing professional duties usually involving high physical activity the amount of sweat is up to 1 liter. If there is no moisture evaporation the clothing gets wet and thus the human body loses heat 23 times faster than in dry clothing.

Another advantage of modern high-quality fabrics with «breathable» membranes — is that it provides an opportunity for a sewing manufacturer to use a lighter insulator in winter suit or jacket fabrication. Lighter product weight contributes to additional comfort, and, therefore, increases productivity. Many companys' managements have already appreciated the benefit of the modern solutions for jackets fabrication specifically concerning membrane fabrics, so today fabrics with «breathable» PU-membranes are widely used in workwear production!