Protection materials and technologies

Termoshield PS

Temperature resistant fabric Termoshield PS (320 g/m2) is the combination of the temperature resistant PANOX® and KEVLAR® fibers with the endurant siliconized coating. It exhibits the highest resistance to burning out: more than 700 seconds that is 7.5 times higher than the products of the other manufacturers!

Termoshield PS  consists of two types of a temperature resistant fibers: PANOX® — is the fiber most resistant to high temperatures, KEVLAR® — is the strongest fiber among the temperature resistant fibers. Special siliconized coating increases resistance to burning out and wear which directly affects the product life.

The additional protection of the reinforced suit of the welder and steelworker — the protective pads on the sleeves and the fronts of jackets, pants - are made of Termoshield PS .