Protection materials and technologies


Teflon® is the grease- and water-repellent water-based finish that prevents the interaction of the fabric with the chemicals and various types of pollutants. The fabric is not wetted with water, grease and oil products due to the applying of Teflon® finish.

The Teflon HT®, FC и DFC finish ensures the strong permanent molecular protection made of fluorocarbon groups around the fibers. The concentration of fluorocarbon groups is such that the distance between the groups is smaller than the water or oil molecule size. The attracting force between the fabric and the water or grease molecules decreases if the Teflon® finish is applied. This way the finish protects against grease and water contamination.

Teflon HT®, FC и DFC finishes are not visible, they can not be determined by the sense of smell or touch. They do not affect the color, hand of fabric or fabric porosity. The fabric is vapor-permeable (it lets through the sweat vapor). Various types of the finish differ one from another by the degree of resistance to washing.