Protection materials and technologies


Nautica fabric: polyamide — 100%, "breathable" PU membrane, 150 g/m², Teflon® finish. It is used as the upper material for producing of warm-up clothing.

The fabric is perfect for production of clothing for severe weather conditions, is wear resistant and frost resistant, does not crack off in freezing temperatures.

PU membrane coating perfectly protects from the rainstorm and wet snow, ensures outflow of vaporable moisture («breathable» effect) and comfortable working environment even under the extreme conditions at a temperature of -40°С! Dense fabric texture blocks 98% of wind, allowing 2% to penetrate inside and circulate under the layer of clothing, ensuring ventilation and preserving comfortable microclimate under the clothing.

Clothing made of «Nautica»fabric with Teflon® finish is very light and crush resistant, it does not hamper the movements, always looks neat, even after multiple washings preserves its appearance and protective properties.