Protection materials and technologies


Northsea fabric: micropolyester — 100%, "breathable" PU membrane, 155 g/m², Teflon® finish. It is used as the upper material for producing of clothing which protects against low temperatures, wet snow and rough wind.

The upper layer of «Northsea fabric» —  is a modern polyurethane «breathable» membrane —  which repels the water and dirt, but easily outflows the body vapor, the volume of which under the rigorous physical activity can reach up to liter. In wet clothing, the human body loses warmth 23 times quicker than in dry clothing, that is why the ability of the upper layer « to breath» is extremely important for clothing against low temperatures.

Water resistance of «Northsea fabric is» — 10,000 mm of water column, which greatly exceeds the requirements of EN343 European standard and GOST 28486-90. The fabric ensures maximum level of comfort even at the temperature of -48°С. The color range of «Northsea fabric» —  includes over 35 shades.

«Northsea fabric» was specially developed for creating of maximum comfort under extreme working conditions. It should — keep the human body dry, protect it from subcooling, maintain the normal body temperature, outflow the body vapor under the rigorous physical activity and keep movements easy.