Protection materials and technologies

Protection against fogging

Goggles fogging when working in rough temperature conditions (temperature drop, moving from warm locations in the cold or vise versa, air humidity increase etc.) significantly limits ability to work efficiently.

Even at the slightest inconvenience — for example, if it is hard to see through goggles — the only wish is to take them off, especially when fogged goggles prevent from accurate and correct performing of work. However in the absence of safety goggles, a worker's health is in danger,  since a chance of flying particles contact with eyes increases significantly.

To avoid fogging, the lens is covered with a special hydrophilic coating having porous structure and acting as a sponge by absorbing air-condensed moisture, and preventing condensate formation on a polycarbonate lens. Safety goggles coated in this way — are an efficient way to ensure worker's safety in varying temperature conditions.