Protection materials and technologies

Gelform vibration protection

A unique Ansell Gelfôm™ vibration protection technology involves a high-quality materials package ensuring a high level of vibration absorption in the range of <31,5 Hz up to >200 Hz, as well as comfort and durability.

The package contains two layers of special vibration-absorbing sponge rubber and Gelfôm™ patented material (foamed, gel-based), which affectively absorb entire frequency range vibrations.

The first layer absorbs most of the vibrations transmitted directly from a tool/equipment. The next layer of Gelfôm™ vibration-absorbing material equally distributes and disperses vibration not absorbed by the first layer over the entire palm. The third layer of sponge rubber absorbs residual vibration preventing its transfer to the worker's hand.

An advantage of this technology is a uniform distribution of vibration over the entire protective layer placed under the palm surface including the fingers.