EXPEDICIYA Suit – anti-mites smart decision!

Summer is coming! It is a great time for holidays, vocation, picnics, and also a green long grass and trees full of mites and other biting insects. People are worrying about ticks, mosquitoes, midges during work and rest outside because many of them are carries of serious infectious diseases. How to protect yourself and save your health and even your life?

There is a decision! New EXPEDICIYA suit will help you to forget about mites! Due to special design and high density texture it prevents insect bites do not hamper and does not prevent the circulation of air.

Benefits of EXPEDICIYA

  1. Special design of the suit (sleeves and pants with knitted wristlets, hood with mosquito net) establishes a reliable barrier between the human body and insects.
  2. Elastic cuffs adjoin at the ankles and wrists tightly to prevent entry of insects.
  3. Notoriously that mites move up the clothes only upward. Special folds on the jacket and pants stop their mobility. Insect fall into the fold like a trap.
  4. Bright orange yoke and reflective strips provide worker’s high visibility in the wood with poor visibility conditions .
  5. Tent texture (cotton - 100%, density - 250 g/m²) prevents any insect bites, not constraining your movements and support air exchange because of the special weave and density of the material.
  6. Removable mosquito net saves visibility and protects the face and neck from bites.


Options: jacket, pants
Texture: tent, cotton - 100 %, 250 g/m ², water-repellent
Protective elements: hood with mosquito net, knitted wristlets on the bottom of sleeves and trousers , pleated delaying ticks on the jacket and pants
Reflective elements: yoke on shelves and back
Adjustment the width: belt on the bottom of the jacket, elastic band on the waistline.

Specialists from Vostok-Service Group of Companies designed this suit with a view to protect people against mites and other blood-sucking insects. We hope it helps you to work or relax in nature safely and comfortably!