24 April 2018, English

SAPE-2018: the Exhibition on Innovation

The Vostok-Service Group of Companies participated in the SAPE-2018 Exhibition which was over in Sochi on April 13 . To the innovations presented by the participants the Company contributed with its innovative products – the EPSILON protective shielding set and the MONERON- ISOTHERM heat resistant set.

The SAPE-2018 Exhibition was traditionally held in the framework of the All-Russia    Labor Protection Week. It attracts both  specialists on labor protection and industrial safety at the enterprises of large, medium-sized and small businesses and representatives of industrial ministries and administration. The EPSILON protective shielding sets — the innovation developed by Vostok-Service  for protection against  electromagnetic fileds have become one of the main break-throughs of SAPE-2018.  In the process of its development  profound scientific researches, lots of tests and work on its certifying were carried out. As a result, the Company specialists managed to develop unique fabrics and materials made in Russia and to apply special solutions to its structure construction to ensure that the EPSILON sets obtain the highest protective properties and comfort. The innovative product was especially popular among representatives of the power industry, transportation and communications as the workers in   these areas are most often exposed to electromagnetic radiation and need to be protected against it. The exhibition space where the EPSILON sets were presented grabbed huge visitors' attention. EPSILON was highly appreciated by the members of the Expert Committee of “The Best Innovative Product on the Russian PPE Market 2017” Contest led by Getsiz.ru. The sets got the highest mark — 5 grads from the jury! At the Award Ceremony Igor Rogozhin, Director General of ASIZ, the Association of PPE  Developers, Manufacturers and Suppliers

remarked on his choice that “the EPSILON set is a result of the most thorough work of the Russian specialists, and it represents a mixture of huge amount of the innovative solutions applied in it”.  On giving the Award, Michael Mandel, “Messe Dusseldorf Moscow” Deputy Director General emphasized that “such kind of innovation is the result to be proud of, and that it is necessary for such achievements to be known not only throughout Russia but beyond its borders as well”.

The MONERON-ISOTHERM heat resistant set protecting against hot water and vapor become the other break-through presented at the Vostok-Service exhibition stand. The set   enables the worker to work either in hot water at temperature up to +100°С  or in ice-cold water for 10 minutes with no health damage. This period of time is enough to solve the drainage problems or other kinds of failures and ensure the proper conditions for the emergency team functioning. MONERON- ISOTHERM is a certified product, manufactured from Russian materials in th e  territory of Russia.

The URAN summer and winter protective  clothing series also got high demand among the public. Trendy design of summer models, exceptional lightweight, softness and a large range of motion of winter models  in combination with such kind of protective properties as  vapor permeability, wind resistance, perfect thermal insulation, lots of handy pockets and other useful items to increase comfort – all that contrubutes to the URAN  Series reputation as really advanced protective wear. Alongside with that, everybody appriciated its new colour — cornflower blue with navy — introduced in  the insulated line which was developed by Vostok-Service on clients' demand.

The MOTOR, TRAIL PLUS, FORWELD, M&G and Heckel safety footwear series, the Spirotek respiratory protective masks, the LICOM safety gloves with PVC and nitrile coating (which are made in Russia and can compete in its protective properties with international brands) along with other innovative PPE presented by the Vostok-Service business partners enjoyed great popularity among the visitors.