13 May 2018, English

The Employees of the Unique Floating Nuclear Thermal Power Plant (FNPP) Wear Winter and Summer URAN Protective Suits

The protective clothing manufactured by Vostok-Service was chosen for equipping the employees of “Akademik Lomonosov” (“Academician Lomonosov”) - the world's first floating nuclear power plant (FNPP).In April the world's first floating nuclear plant “Akademik Lomonosov” started its big journey – it departed from St.Petersburg and forwarded to its final destination point in the port in Pevek of the Chukotka region, the northernmost town in Russia.

The protective clothing manufactured by Vostok-Service — summer and winter models from the URAN series — were chosen for equipping the FNPP employees. 

URAN is the protective workwear for universal use providing efficient protection against general industrial contamination. The original stylish design and particular comfort are among its main characteristics. The Uran insulated series is designed for wear in the IV and Special climate zones. That's what makes it warm and comfortable to work at FNPP heading to the northernmost part of the country.

The Vostok-Service product range includes summer and winter models of black-gray color as well as the ones of cornflower blue with navy, the latter was designed as feedback to fit the clients' demand.