17 June 2018, English

The Torzhok Shoe Factory Is Turning 100 Years Old

The Torzhok Shoe Factory which is a part of the Vostok-Service Group of Companies held its 100th anniversary celebration ceremony in Torzhok on June 15. The celebration activities included home exhibition, the opening ceremony of the Factory's Museum, industrial excursions, the activities honouring the factory's employees.

The Torzhok Shoe Factory is the leading shoe enterprise of the Vostok-Service Group of Companies and the largest Russian manufacturer of safety footwear. It specializes in manufacturing the shoes with a double- or triple-layer sole made of polyurethane and thermoplastic polyurethane developed for oil and gas industry, as well as for energy, machine-building and chemical ones, construction, housing and utilities sector etc. The production capacity of the Torzhok Shoe Factory will have reached more than 3 mln pairs of shoes per year. The number of employees is 700. The median age of the employees is 30-35 years.

On June 15 the Torzhok Shoe Factory celebrated its 100th anniversary. Such a solemn occasion the enterprise meets being young and sufficiently advanced technically: the industrial premises have been significantly transformed, new well-lit factory floors have been built, almost all the historical industrial premises have been renovated and reconstructed, the highly efficient innovative equipment has been launched: large injection molding machines, the latest cutting equipment, the line for production of protective face masks, the line of semi-automatic sewing machines, robot-assisted automation. In its anniversary year the Factory has even opened a museum of its own. Its opening ceremony took place along with other festive events.

Several high-ranking officials took part in the Ceremony, namely A.N. Epishin, Member of the Federal Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation on behalf of the Legislative Assembly of the Tver region, E.V. Ryzhov, Director of Department for Development of Internal Trade, Consumer goods industry and Legal regulation of retail turnover of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation (Minpromtorg), A.L. Shitov, Acting Minister of Industry and Trade of the Tver region, and heads of Administration of Torzhok and the Torzhok region. I. M. Rudenya, Governor of the Tver region sent his congratulations on the anniversary of the factory. V.A.Golovnev, the founder of the Vostok-Service Group of Companies came in person to congratulate the employees of the factory. A.V. Golovanov, Director General of the factory took the guests to the factory floors and  on the Museum opening he himself  led the first tour around it.

Commemorating the 100th anniversary, the “home exhibition” organized by the Vostok-Service Manufacturing Department took place at the factory. It allowed the invited representatives of the contractors, the relevant higher education institutions and international partners of the Company to get an insight into the priorities in manufacturing which Vostok-Service sets for itself and to learn the way the Company sees its perspective and future plans. In the framework of the exhibition the guests went on the industrial excursion which enabled them to see themselves that the Torzhok Shoe Factory was technologically advanced.

The opening ceremony of the Factory’s Museum became the high point of the ceremony. Its collection comprised the equipment and instruments of the shoemakers of the past, materials and details of shoes of those times, as well as everyday items which miraculously remained from the past and were found during the reconstruction works. Among the exhibits on display there were also Torzhok newspapers and the documentary photographic archive of the Factory. The employees’ family members donated to the Museum lots of the items, and a significant part of the collection was found in the regional and federal archives. Also there were exhibits presented by the business partners of the Company.

The final part of the ceremony took place at the Torzhok Arts and Culture Centre: the honoured guests congratulated the employees of the enterprise on its anniversary and awarded certificates of appreciation and special gifts to them. As A.N. Epishin mentioned in his speech: “Both modernization and renovation of the enterprise and upgrading the employees’ skills contributed to the success of Torzhok shoe manufacturers No wonder the factory goods can compete in the European market”.  E.V. Ryzhov, Director of Department for Development of Internal Trade, Consumer goods industry and Legal regulation of retail turnover of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation greeted the guests with the following message: “Your enterprise is located in a unique place full of magic power. But today I’ve seen here the shoe manufacturing as well, and I’d like to specify the main thing  — there is no company’s success without the active work of its team of colleagues holding the same views. Please accept my congratulations on the occasion! I wish the right investment solutions to your top management, and new industrial records to your employees”.

In his congratulation V.A.Golovnev, the founder of the Vostok -Service Group of Companies emphasized the following statement: “The core value both of this enterprise and of the Vostok-Service Company as a whole lies in its people. The very fact that we are now celebrating the 100th anniversary of the factory is the result of the effort of everyone sitting in this hall. During tough times we've succeeded in keeping it in operation, and then we've managed to make it one of the leading enterprises. Among the guests who've come to congratulate the staff of the Torzhok Shoe Factory on its anniversary there are representatives from 10 countries of the world, which is a vivid recognition that the Torzhok Shoe Factory goods are nowadays well known not only in Russia, but also outside the country. The factory's employees have significant grounds to take pride in their factory's accomplishments”.