1 February 2019, English


Properly chosen thermal underwear helps reduce the overall weight of a set of winter clothes, removes moisture from the skin.

It is important to understand that thermal underwear does not warm, but retains its own body heat. This is the main purpose of this type of clothing. The second function of thermal underwear is hygienic: it is worn as the first layer under working or casual clothing.

For the best effect, thermal underwear should be chosen depending on its purpose.



Sports thermal underwear is designed for high physical activity outdoor: it is almost all sports and tourism.  For its production using 100% synthetic materials  they better remove moisture and are more durable.

For everyday thermal underwear, mainly natural fabrics are used: cotton or wool. They are more effective than synthetic fabrics retain heat, are more pleasant to the body, but they take away moisture and worse wear out faster. Casual thermal underwear suitable for being in a static state as well as for non-intensive physical activity: winter fishing, hunting, some types of work in geodesy, construction etc.

Hybrid underwear combines the properties of the two previous types by combining materials with different characteristics heat-saving properties of natural fibers + strength and good moisture removal due to polyester. Such underwear is suitable for moderate activity as well as for staying in a static position. According to many users, hybrid underwear is the best option.



Thermal underwear MONBLAN - a modern type of hybrid thermal underwear.  It is a perfect solution for indoor and outdoor use. Because of the blended fabric (knitwear, wool - 55%, polyester - 45%) it retains heat perfectly removes moisture, has a high wear resistance. The fabric is easy to wash, not subject to deformation, dries quickly. Thermal underwear clothing fits tightly, while maintaining full freedom of movement. It is perfectly suitable for use as a first layer both in case of high physical activity and in inactive activity in cold conditions. The assortment of "Vostok-Service" has male and female models. The kit includes a sweatshirt and pants.



UKARI set from the Czech brand CERVA- is light option of thermal underwear clothing, belongs to the category sports. It is made from 100% polyester fabric with an excellent breathable structure.

The set consists of a sweatshirt and pants. Distinctive features of the sweatshirt are a stand-up collar with a zipper and a hole for the thumb in the sleeve. Micro fleece on the inside makes thermal underwear pleasant to the body, heats and creates additional comfort. Also, it has a special elasticity, ideally fits on the figure.

Thermal underwear from ‘ Vostok-Service’ is universal, it will become an indispensable thing in winter: it will help avoid the need to wear many layers of warm clothes, which leads to discomfort and tightness of movements, will absorb excess moisture and retain heat.