8 February 2019, English


Torzhok shoe factory began production of insulated boots YAMAL and YAMAL-2. This is a modern, very warm shoes, thought out to the smallest detail. In boots it will be comfortable during hard frosts and icy conditions, in rain and slush.

Torzhok shoe factory, part of the GC "Vostok-Service", began production of winter boots of the Italian brand M & G. A distinctive feature of the brand is the ability to find a balance between protective properties, practicality, modern design in the style of casual and outdoors. M & G shoes are always versatile and suitable for use both during work and in everyday life. The brand is well known to customers of “Vostok-Service”: after all, it offers models for any season!

Consumers have increased requirements for winter shoes: it must keep warm, protect from snow and cold air, not slip and be comfortable.

In the winter assortment of M & G - the YAMAL and YAMAL-2 boots, proved to be indispensable shoes in the bitter cold, rain and slush. Boots are perfect for use in the IV and Special climatic zones, where the sub-zero temperature can reach -40 ° C and below.


The basis of protection from the cold is a supplementary multilayer insulated stocking, the presence of which also creates an additional air layer, which makes the shoes warmer at times. The package of stocking materials is as balanced as possible to create comfort: inside - a soft layer of felt, then - layers of non-woven insulation, polyurethane foam and thermo-reflective metallized film. The stocking fits comfortably to the foot and protects against ingress of snow and moisture.

The advantage of a stocking - the ability to remove it and quickly dry. Due to this shoes, dry and comfortable, will always be ready for use.

Shoe upper - durable genuine leather.  It helps retain heat and protects against temperature fluctuations. The bottom of the shoe is a polished sole on a thickened sole, which protects against moisture and wetting.


The uniqueness of the YAMAL and YAMAL-2 boots is a special thorn in the heel part of the sole, which provides anti-slip protection. The spike is folded back in advance with the pointed side. so improving the grip of the sole with a slippery surface. Also the increased resistance is provided by a protector with a special groove.

The sole from heat-resistant rubber maintains temperatures from -40 ° C to +300 ° C. Boots have a wide range of applications: they are suitable both for protection against general production and petrochemical pollution, work with heated surfaces, and for use outside the production sphere, where enhanced protection against frost and moisture, for example, during winter fishing is necessary.

Boots are created in the best traditions of the brand M & G, which is characterized by modern design, natural materials, classic colors, thoughtful details. Boots are regulated by lacing, for easy donning there is a loop on the back of the shaft.

With the same design features, the boots have small differences: YAMAL - black, stocking - with wool fur, YAMAL-2 - in brown, stocking. Winter boots YAMAL and YAMAL-2 - comfortable and practical shoes for winter: they will carefully keep your feet warm and provide stability on slippery surfaces.