25 March 2019, English

NOXFIELD - this is noticeable!

The NOXFIELD collection of clothes from Vostok-Service includes jackets, trousers, windbreakers, semi-overalls with bright features of a sporty and casual style, with a large number of signal elements.

In the assortment of "Vostok-Service" is a novelty - a collection of clothes with a large number of NOXFIELD signal elements. It is represented by three lines: NOXFIELD HI-VIZ - casual & sport signaling clothes, NOXFIELD SOFTHELLA jackets with retroreflective print, NOXFIELD - everyday clothes with signaling and retroreflective elements

Signaling clothing NOXFIELD HI-VIZ

The line of NOXFIELD HI-VIZ is signaling jackets, trousers and semi-overalls, and also warmed jackets in two colors: fluorescent orange with black and fluorescent yellow with black. The collection is a bright embodiment of casual & sport style: jackets on knitted belts, with knitted cuffs, are more sporty than workers, but at the same time they fully fulfill their protective function. Ergonomic pants and semi-overalls do not destroy this impression: clothes are comfortable, practical, stylish and modern at the same time. NOXFIELD HAI-VIZ models with respect to the area of fluorescent materials and the number of reflective elements meet the requirements for signal clothing.

NOXFIELD SOFTSHELL jacket with reflective print.

Jackets NOXFIELD SOFTSHELL - an unusual and bright novelty.  Available in three colors - gray, fluorescent orange and yellow. The outer layer of jackets is an a la mélange texture: colored strokes alternate with retro reflective, forming a colorful motto that is relevant today, which also has retro reflective properties (the jackets look particularly bright and impressive in the dark).

It is worth noting the material properties of jackets. Softshell is a modern “two in one” material: a durable outer layer with a polyurethane membrane and a soft fleece lining. Thanks to the membrane, the jackets are not blown by the wind, do not get wet (water resistance is more than 10,000 mm), but at the same time, moisture evaporates well by the body in certain temperature conditions. Clothing made of softshell is especially effective and comfortable in cold, windy and rainy weather: it allows you to do without a moisture resistant jacket and sweater, and vapor permeability makes jackets suitable for outdoor activities.

NOXFIELD Collection

The NOKSFIELD lineup includes a sweatshirt, a summer jacket, bib and bib pants, and a warm jacket. These sports-style clothes will be comfortable for everyday use and work, and will protect from dust and dirt.

The jacket with removable sleeves and a warmed jacket, pants and semi-overalls of the NOXFIELD collection are made of durable blend fabric of practical colors (dark gray with black and fluorescent), the places of greatest abrasion are reinforced with Oxford 600 D. The sweatshirt in a sporty style is made of cotton jersey (+ polyester 20%), inside - terry fabric.

Retro reflective and fluorescent yarns and materials are also introduced into knitted cuffs and trim elements of the NOXFIELD summer jacket and sweatshirt: the inside of the hoods of the jackets, the accessories of this ruler are of fluorescent color.

Products of all lines of the NOXFIELD collection are sold separately and are perfectly combined with each other. You can, for example, buy a signal jacket from the NOXFIELD HI-VIZ line and complement it with NOXFIELD dark trousers.

Now, even in clothes with lots of signal elements, you can create a casual, stylish look. This style has long entered the market of working clothes. Only a few of its types were not influenced by these directions for a long time, and signal products were among them: strict adherence to the requirements of standards in the manufacture of such equipment has always been in the first place, even to the detriment of the design.

But it's hard to argue with the market. And if the consumer needs a modern, comfortable, similar to everyday work wear that provides increased visibility, manufacturers have found a way to create such. NOCKFIELD clothing with signal and retro reflective elements will make you noticeable and will make you feel more secure at dusk and at night. A stylish design and ergonomic fit will create the necessary comfort!