28 May 2019, English

Ecoprogram «Vostok-Service Alley» continues!

Starting in 2014, every spring, employees of our company plant young trees, ennobling the territory of offices, streets, parks and squares in the cities of presence of Vostok-Service GC. This year two more branches joined the program «Vostok-Service Alley».

The program for gardening areas in the cities of presence of Vostok-Service GC, named «Vostok-Service Alley», launched in 2014: employees of the central office planted a linden alley in front of office buildings. The following year, the «Vostok-Service Alley» of young lindens and maples appeared in one of the new neighborhoods of Moscow.

In the following years, branches in Stary Oskol, Orenburg, Cherepovets, Tver, Chaplygin, Torzhok, Perm joined the program. Today, in these cities, oak, cherry, maple, birch and rowan alleys are becoming greener and gratifying. The idea of this project is to make our cities more beautiful, well-groomed, green, and most importantly - to improve the environment.

In 2019, two more branches of the company joined the program. «Vostok-Service-Bashkiria», as part of an environmental campaign for planting trees, «Green Bashkiria» landed in the center of the city spruce on the «Walk of Friendship».

The branch in Chelyabinsk, in preparation for the opening of the new office, carried out work on the improvement and landscaping of the territories adjacent to the new building.

Ecoprogram «Vostok-Service Alley» continues!