28 May 2019, English

New records Vostok-Service in the «Race of Heroes»

On April 27, Vostok-Service employees for the second time took part in the sports event “Race of Heroes”. The team successfully passed the trials and improved its result twice.

Participation in the “Race of Heroes” - one of the biggest sports festivals - is a challenge and challenge for any person. Inspired by the experience of last year, the Vostok-Service team for the second time decided to test themselves on the road with obstacles and fight for an even higher result. The team involved nine employees: five of them took part in the “Race of Heroes-2018”, four were newcomers.

Competitions were held at the military training ground in Alabino. As in the past year, the task of the participants was to pass a 10-kilometer highway and overcome 25+ obstacles. Participants noted that the tests were more difficult and more interesting, and the whole “race” was more dynamic than in 2018.

The team overcame steep climbs, wades with ice-cold water and mud, crawled under barbed wire, held “hands” and coped with heavy tires. By tradition, the last test - a steep springboard, which you need to climb with the help of a rope - is the most difficult obstacle, both physically and emotionally. This year it was called “Everest”. And after his conquest - the finish, the long-awaited rest and joy from the new victory!

This year, our team ranked 14th out of 61 in the Corporate Race category. The total travel time is 2 hours and 33 minutes.

Congratulations to our champions!

We hope that the annual participation in the Race of Heroes will become another good uniting tradition and a reason for pride in our company.