18 July 2019, English

Coal of Russia and Mining-2019: RESULTS

On June 4-7, the XXVI International Specialized Exhibition of Mining Technologies «Coal of Russia and Mining», the X International Specialized Exhibition «Safety, Safety and Security», which traditionally took part in Vostok-Service-Kuzbass, was held in Novokuznetsk.

«Coal of Russia and Mining» is a concentration of all the best in technology and technology that today is in the world. The main coal exhibition of the country, which traditionally has a leading position in the national exhibition rating.

The Vostok-Service-Kuzbass stand was located in the very center of the exhibition area and became the center of attraction for a large number of visitors. Specialists of the company presented new designs and products that have already become popular with consumers.

Among the new products, visitors presented modern miner's suits, which were specially designed to meet all needs: elastic elements in the areas most subject to stretching, a preventive belt to reduce the load on the lumbar spine, SVT tapes that withstand over 50 industrial washes without reducing the reflection coefficient, special pockets and fastenings for convenient placement of equipment, constantly carried around with you, etc. Fabrics from which miner's suits are made meet the most modern requirements, among them their lightness, but at the same time special strength, the presence of protective impregnation and antistatic properties, which allow to dissipate static charge to ensure safe work in fire hazardous conditions.

The high interest was aroused by the NOXFIELD collection of working clothes, the design of which can be traced to the strong influence of the style of casual and sportswear. NOXFIELD SOFTSHELL jackets are an unusual combination of a fluorescent color (orange / yellow) and a reflective print material applied all over the surface that guarantees 100% visibility in the dark.

For the first time at the exhibition «Coal of Russia and Mining», Vostok-Service-Kuzbass presented a vending machine installed at enterprises as part of an outsourcing project. It is a spring-type mechanism by which workers receive short-term use of PPE (goggles, gloves, creams, respirators, etc.) The machine is convenient in that the process of obtaining the required PPE for operation becomes automatic and saves time.

Another bright novelty was presented at the Vostok-Service-Kuzbass stand, which attracted the attention of almost all visitors to the exhibition - a wound simulator for working out first aid skills and a hemostatic Hepoglos bandage. This revolutionary tool - a plaster designed to quickly stop bleeding, is very simple to use and can be used by people without special skills. The company's specialists in practice demonstrated the skills to stop external bleeding (using various methods) of the head, neck, upper and lower extremities, pelvis, including those with deep and extensive injuries.

The exhibition included an All-Russian meeting on the state of labor conditions and occupational safety in the coal industry, which was attended by  Vostok-Service-Kuzbass, General Director Korkachev, who delivered a report and told the meeting participants about the experience of implementation and the capabilities of the «Abie Sistem» automated labor protection management system.

The exhibition «Coal of Russia and Mining» once again became a bright event in the field of labor protection, allowed us to demonstrate our innovations and achievements to our clients, and  discuss current issues during the negotiations.