12 November 2019, English

Vostok-Service on A+A: results

8th November ended the world's largest exhibition of personal protective equipment and solutions in the field of labor protection.

5-8th November, Dusseldorf (Germany) hosted the world's largest exhibition of personal protective equipment and solutions in the field of labor protection, at which manufacturers of clothing, footwear and PPE and various countries of the world present their best developments.

Vostok-Service Group of Companies was represented at the exhibition by several expositions at once - stands of Vostok-Service companies, Russia, Cerva, Czech Republic, Panda, Italy and Tomas Bodero, Spain.

At all stands - the most interesting innovations and developments, the “hottest” offers.

So, at the Vostok-Service company stand, visitors could see the bestsellers of the summer season of 2019 - URAN, TRAVERS, QUANT, ELECTRA PRO clothing collections, SHELF, FORVELD PLUS shoe collections, TAYMYR down jacket (BASK and Vostok-Service collaboration) ), new models of SPIROTEC respirators and development of company partners.

Much attention was paid to the URAN clothing collection - next to the posted models it was always lively, especially on the clients day, when more than ten organized groups of representatives of Russian enterprises visited the company’s booth.

The Taimyr jacket became an undoubted favorite - this modern puff for protection against extremely low temperatures aroused increased interest of visitors from Russia, Scandinavia, India, Europe and South America. All unanimously noted the spectacular design, bright color, thoughtful ergonomics, modern design solutions that provide the user with high comfort. A large share of attention went to the collections of URANI clothes and SHELF shoes (increased visibility), FORVELD PLUS (increased flexibility and stability on slippery surfaces).

Cerva Company surprised visitors with an extraordinary booth and new collections of clothes and shoes this year. The design of the stand in the style of a spaceship flying to unknown worlds in the vastness of the universe attracted a huge number of guests. CERVA stand has become a symbol of the company's ability and readiness to implement innovative ideas, apply innovative technologies and materials for the production of highly functional and comfortable clothes and shoes that ensure people's safety. Even those who will soon develop new territories in outer space. And all the new products from CERVA have become a direct confirmation of this.

Unix half masks were presented for the first time at CERVA's booth. During the exhibition, the company signed a contract with the Association "Zelinsky groups" for the supply of these RPDs.

Panda presented many interesting new products at its booth. One of them is the After work shoe collection: low shoes with laces, clogs shoes, low shoes with an elastic edging for use after work as replaceable shoes. Incredibly lightweight, with a fashionable textile top, they have already gained popularity among workers in Italy.

Another novelty is the TOP SNEAKER collection with shoe upper made of lightweight textured PU-Tec material, plastic, vapor permeable and very wear resistant. All models - without metal parts.

For the 40th anniversary of the company, which Panda celebrated this year, the 40th ANNIVERSARY shoe collection was released. These shoes on the new three-layer PU / TPU / TPU soles with the anniversary mark of the enterprise. The collection has models equipped with a lacing tightening system designed specifically for Panda. A more perfect lingering mechanism, unlike analogues twisting in only one direction, allows you to quickly loosen the lacing if necessary due to the ability to unwind it half a turn in the opposite direction. The reclining brace on the outside of the mechanism makes it possible to make it simpler and easier. The collection also includes stylish models of boots and low shoes with suede inserts. The footwear is equipped with a full set of protective elements, and due to the use of textile materials, it has been able to significantly facilitate and give a look that matches current shoe trends.

This year, the company introduced a range of orthopedic insoles to the range, compensating for various foot changes. Four types of insoles with foot shape memory for four types of feet (standard, diabetic, with heel support, high rise).

The STRONG collection known in Russia was filled with new models with a top made of PET material obtained by processing plastic.

The company also made changes to the shoes of the SANITARY collection: the metal toe cap has now been replaced by a composite toe cap, the models have a lining of a fashionable turquoise color.

For the first time, the Spanish company Tomas Bodero, which joined Vostok-Service Group in 2018, presented its exposition at the exhibition. The company is known in Europe, North Africa, South and Central America for its leather goods - protective gloves for various types of production activities. Recently, the Spaniards began to expand actively the range with gloves made of synthetic materials, as well as shoes. In the manufacture of these products, the company uses non-standard materials of high quality and their combinations, which allow to most fully satisfy the needs and expectations of customers. To obtain such materials, the specialists of the Spanish company actively cooperate with manufacturers capable of manufacturing non-standard, high-tech products.

Tomas Bodero brought their best products to A + A: the DRAGON glove collection, which includes a range of general purpose gloves, for the needs of the army, police and firefighters; BEE WORK footwear, which includes the models most demanded by the market, is extremely lightweight, has the features of the most fashionable trends in the design of sports shoes and shoes for everyday use.

Exhibition A + A is completed. It was more than productive for Vostok-Service Group of Companies: technologies and solutions seen at the forum, designs and materials, design trends, developments of European colleagues will serve to create innovative products that provide high protection and comfort to users in any production and beyond.