20 December 2019, English

Vostok-Service at the BiOT exhibition: results

Last week, the annual BiOT exhibition ended, at which Vostok-Service presented exoskeletons, recycled plastic shoes and other bright new products.

At the international exhibition "Safety and Labor Protection", which is traditionally held in mid-December, you can always see the latest in the field of labor protection, which will be interesting not only to specialists in this field, but also to people who monitor progress and trends in production.

This year BiOT was held from 10 to 13th December. During the four days of the exhibition, you could do a lot: visit several zones - the main, the height zone and the innovation zone, participate in conferences and round tables, watch presentations of new products at company stands, communicate with specialists and just have a good time, because the exhibition participants took care of entertainments for guests.

Main zone

More than 100 manufacturers of workwear, PPE and labor protection equipment presented their stands at the exhibition. In the area of the Vostok-Service main exposition, visitors most of all deserved the attention of new developments - industrial exoskeletons Exo Heaver and the PANDA shoe line (Italy) with a top made of material obtained by plastic processing. New items on the first day of the exhibition were presented by Tatyana Golikova, Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, and Maxim Topilin, Minister of Labor and Social Protection of the Russian Federation.

Exoskeletons Exo Heaver

There is no need to talk about the benefits of developments in the field of small-scale mechanization that can significantly facilitate work in difficult production areas. The general use of exoskeletons has not yet been included in the daily work of enterprises, but a great interest in the development indicates the readiness to use such devices. Due to their anthropomorphic shape, Exo Heaver exoskeletons take over the load and help workers carry heavy loads where work in a team or using carts and wheelbarrows is not possible. They unload the lower back by 60%, protect the operator from dangerous scales and work with them in uncomfortable positions, and allow you to work with loads weighing up to 60 kg.

Exoskeleton with a "third hand" allows you to work with a heavy instrument for a long time, helps to fix it on weight, takes on a vibration load.

Exo Heaver is now in a limited edition and is being tested.

Recycled plastic shoes and other shoe innovations

The use of recycled plastic is a trend in the field of ecology, which was picked up by manufacturers in various fields. PANDA has created a line of shoes with a top made of PET, recycled plastic (a continuation of the STRONG collection known on the market).

New eco-friendly models are as resistant to aggressive environments as those made from traditional materials, they have good vapor permeability, non-standard for work shoes and modern design: the material allows you to make models in any color.

In addition to recycled plastic shoes, PANDA presented two new collections - the ANTISTATIC collection with protection against static electricity and the AFTER WORK shoe collection: lace-up shoes, clog shoes, low shoes with an elastic edging for use after work as replaceable shoes.

A new development from Vostok-Service - a collection of SHELF shoes - a new assortment. This genuine leather shoe provides 360 ° visibility thanks to an innovative material with retroreflective properties. FORWELD and MOTOR shoe collections were also presented with an updated design of the upper design.

The design of the FOCUS PERFO sandals and shoes by Heckel was updated. In addition, their assortment was filled with MAXOL X MX 400 GT boots with a moisture-resistant Gore-Tex membrane.

New clothes

At the exhibition, the Cerva DAYBORO collection in unusual turquoise color was first shown. The suit has a sports cut and four versions of trousers - different styles. Everyone will be able to choose what suits his type of figure.

By winter, warmed suits JETSET, TRAVERSE and DESIGNER appeared. New items belong to the middle price segment. Their main differences are the original design, the use of non-standard materials and techniques in decoration, improved ergonomics.

TAYMYR down jacket (down - 85%) in spectacular red - a jacket for managers. Everything is thought out in it for protection against cold, snow and wind: a wide and deep hood with an edge to protect the face, many pockets of different sizes for storing gadgets and documents. Side zippers that can be unfastened make the jacket comfortable for moving around the car.

We also presented a limited line of URANIUM costumes in red. Customers, accustomed to products in gray and blue colors, were able to evaluate the costume in a new version.

In the innovation zone, Vostok-Service introduced modern vending machines for the automatic issuance of protective equipment.

In the height zone, products from our assortment could be seen at the Safe-Tec booth. Read more about this here.

Innovation Zone

In the innovation zone, we introduced modern vending machines for the automatic issuance of protective equipment. They allow you to automate the processes for providing PPE workers, reduce the time taken to obtain them, increase employee comfort, and automate the issuance accounting. We showed three types of vending devices: for dispensing small-sized personal protective equipment (glasses, ear plugs, half masks, gloves, etc.), large-sized personal protective equipment (clothing and shoes), issuing clean clothes and collecting dirty clothes.

Height zone

This year a separate zone was organized for companies representing equipment for working at heights. You could see products from our assortment at the Safe-Tec booth. The partners have prepared a unique stand - the largest number of stationary systems in the history of the BiOT system was presented here.

A bright novelty of the exhibition is the Aist console. The device is designed for lifting and lowering into an enclosed space and conducting rescue and evacuation operations in a vertical position. The only console on the market that is designed for two people. Another big advantage is lightness, it weighs only 39 kg. It has three base options, depending on the type of work.

Another novelty - the Barrier safety fence system - is a simple but effective solution: inside the space created by the equipment, you can work without additional insurance. "Barrier" withstands loads up to 70 kg. The system is assembled very simply - according to the LEGO principle (Safe-Tec patented mounting system).

Youth program

For the second year in a row, BiOT has organized events for young professionals. As part of the “Youth Program”, a business game was held for university students, in which the teams chose the supplier of the optimal set of modern PPE for one of the working professions. The team of students of RSU them. A.N. Kosygina noted Vostok-Service as the best supplier and gave us the victory.

On the last day of the exhibition, a presentation of the research work of students and novice scientists on the topic of industrial safety was held. The jury, which included representatives of Russian universities, Vostok-Service Group of Companies and other PPE manufacturing companies, appreciated the work: participants who took 1st, 2nd and 3rd places received cash prizes from the Association of Developers, Manufacturers and Suppliers PPE, as well as pleasant valuable gifts, including from our company.

Each year, the exhibition gathers in one place experienced specialists and those who are just starting their journey in the field of labor protection. It provides an opportunity to exchange experiences, take stock of the year and note the trends that are gaining momentum: this year these are trends for environmentally friendly products, digitalization of protective equipment and automation of providing employees with them.