20 December 2013


From December 10 to 13, Vostok-Service Group of Companies participated in 17th International Specialized Safety and Workforce Protection Exhibition – 2013 (BIOT-2013).

BIOT-2013 Exhibition took place at Showroom 75 of the Russian Exhibition Center (REC). Its main objective was to present the innovative design of workwear, protective footwear, and personal safety equipment, share advanced experience in providing healthy and safe working conditions, and exchange experience in providing occupational safety at the international level.

This year the exhibition area was around 14,000 sq.m., accommodating 340 exhibitors, 35 of which were foreign firms and companies coming from 21 countries (Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, Romania, Portugal, Brazil, USA, Germany, UK, France, Italy, Spain, Holland, Sweden, Finland, Poland, India, Malaysia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, China). The Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Russian Federation and the PPE Association organized the forum. BIOT is one of the biggest exhibitions in this area not only in Russia, but also in the CIS countries and Eastern Europe.

Exhibition Stand

Vostok-Service’s rich and innovative exhibition stand was arranged at the center of the showroom, occupying 220 sq.m. The exhibit was divided into an orange (consulting) and a blue (product) zones, located along the central walkway. During the whole exhibition, the orange zone was the venue were the meetings with partners, delegations from the clients' enterprises and BIOT guests took place. The blue zone was the venue were innovative products and the most popular models of workwear, protective footwear, and personal safety equipment produced by Vostok-Service, Cerva, Panda and partners like Ansell, Uvex, 3M, Heckel Securite, JSP, Evonik, Scott, MSA, Plum, ROSOMZ, Safety Lab were displayed.


Innovative products presented by Vostok-Service at the BIOP exhibition definitely caught the clients’ attention. Of great interest were MONBLAN Suit designed for the IV and Special climate zones; ZEVS-3 welders suit protecting against dropping metal for up to 750 sec instead of standard 50 sec; interminable STONE jacket and trousers with a print; elegant, heat-insulated LADY SPETS-1 suit made of breathable material for women, collection of ELEKTRA BiO clothes for electrical engineering personnel made of BiOTerm material (10% synthetic heat-resistant fibers making the material more durable, 90% pure cotton with fireproof Proban finish), produced by Cerva, Czech Republic.

The special footwear was of no lesser interest. In 2013, Vostok-Service displayed a number of collections: TRAIL PLUS — innovative footwear with a three-layer sole, providing high comfort of wearing; SPETS — a collection of footwear with a three-layer sole, able to resist short-term temperature effect up to 300ºС and having a special shock-absorbing inset in the heel; ELEKTRA — a collection of footwear for electrical engineering workers, including boots designed for the IV and Special climate zones. Also, the products developed by Torzhok Shoe Factory were presented, namely a collection of light boots and shoes, as well as a collection of TRAIL LADY shoes for women.

The big collection of new models was displayed by Panda shoe company, Italy. Among the newly-designed products were the heat-insulated shoes developed specifically for Russian customers, and summer models with special low-profile soles, providing great flexibility and lightness without losing strength characteristics. The Heckel Securite Company presented the absolute season bestseller — series of shoes with MAKSOL 1.0 sole (light, ergonomic, elastic, resistant to corrosive environment, with great anti-sliding characteristics).

Among the newly-designed personal protection equipment, attention was drawn to a line of SPIROTECH aerosol half-masks series VS2000, including SPIROTECH VS 2300 half-mask with unique expiratory Tayfun valve (designed by the JSP Company) and low-profile SPIROTECH VS2200WV half-mask for welders. The guests were also interested in a collection of ARX harnesses and accessories, which includes fireproof models starting from 2013. The challenging model of the protective gloves with copper fibers at the thumb, middle finger and pointer was presented by Cerva, which make it possible to work with sensor screens wearing such gloves. Besides, the Vostok-Service stand displayed the new models of the popular Ansell gloves of HIFLEX series, and the new series of multifunctional Ansell MARIGOLD gloves. A big choice of helmets with different design and sphere of application, as well as different accessories was presented by JSP Company. Traditionally, SCOTT breathing systems and accessories, MSA gas analyses equipment and 3M masks were quite popular.


During the exhibition, a number of events were hosted for the visitors of the Vostok-Service stand. On December 11 and 12, the guests near the exhibition stand and on the main stage of Showroom 75 were entertained by performing artists dressed in the SPETS suits. Every day the representatives of Heckel Securite, Ansell and JSP companies made presentations of their new products. Thus, every guest could personally check the protective characteristics of various Ansell gloves, test the operation of the filter half-mask with a JSP valve, check out the properties of MAKSOL 1.0. sole in shoes produced by Heckel Securite. Apart from displaying new products, Ansell also arranged a giveaway for the most active participants of their presentations at the end of each day one lucky person got a present — an iPad Mini.

Traditionally, Vostok-Service company participated in the Protected Means Healthy Competition arranged by the PPE Association and the exhibition organizing committee. In Protection and Comfort At Work Nomination, Vostok-Service exhibited two groups of items: LADY SPETS-1 heat-insulated lady suit and STONE collection (jacket, trousers). In Complex Protection Nomination, two collections were exhibited as well: SPETS (summer jacket, half overall, trousers, cap, gloves, boots) and MONBLAN (MONBLAN-ULTRA suit, MONBLAN helmet-liner, MONBLAN thermal underwear, MONBLAN boots). By decision of the judging panel chaired by Vyacheslav Zaitsev, the SPETS and STONE collections won the Grand Prix! On December 13, during the exhibition closing ceremony, the representatives of Vostok-Service Group of Companies were awarded with a prize and certificate of appreciation “For Active Participation” from V.M. Zaitsev and “For Victory in Competition” from the Ministry of Labour and Social Development and the PPE Association.

On December 12 at the TEXTIME stand area, awards were presented to the winners of Sir TOMBOY and Miss Concordia-2013 competition organized by Carrington, Concordia and TEXTIME companies. The winners were awarded with trips to Europe; all participants (representatives of the sales departments of the Central Office, regions and Vostok-Service retail network) were awarded with incentive prizes and gifts.

During the exhibition, a number of panel discussions and conferences took place, organized by the Ministry of Labour and Social Development, Russian Research and Development Institute of Labour Safety and Economics (International conference on labour safety issues, panel discussion of accreditation of companies’ testing labs holding special working conditions estimation, seminar-workshop “On Implementation of Customs Union Technical Regulations on PPD Safety TR CU 019/2011”), SRO UP National Society of Labour Activity Auditors, Multiregional public labour protection specialists organization (Russian training conference: Changing of Labour Protection Legislation and Compensation Provision System: view from different perspectives. Directions and problems of interaction and partnership). The specialists of Vostok-Service Group participated in these meetings.