23 June 2020, English

The newest semi-automatic line for sewing of shoe top has launched

At the Torzhok Shoe Factory (TOF), a new modern semi-automatic line for sewing shoe uppers (76 workplaces) was put into operation.

At the Torzhok Shoe Factory (TOF), a new modern semi-automatic line for sewing shoe uppers (76 workplaces) was put into operation.

The launch of a new semi-automatic line at the Torzhok shoe factory is a natural phenomenon. One of the oldest in the country and, at the same time, one of the most modern and well-equipped shoe factories, the Torzhok factory is actively developing and using the latest shoe production technologies, introducing robotic and automated equipment that ensures the accuracy of production operations, saving working time and materials, improving product quality.

The newest LOGIMOVE Semi-Automatic "line is installed in one of the historic buildings of the enterprise. The line is a computerized belt conveyor that distributes plastic baskets with semi-finished shoe uppers through a continuous cycle following the specified processing sequence.

It works like this:

  • The operator enters the daily production plan into the conveyor control system.
  • Then it scans the barcode on the plastic basket entering the conveyor - information about the contents of the basket is loaded into the conveyor control system.
  • The installation of the basket with the cut of the shoe upper blanks on the upper conveyor belt and its movement occurs automatically, using software that sends the basket to the required workplace.
  • Above the workplace there is a touchpad that allows you to control the following functions:

-         opening and closing of the workplace;

-         calling the person in charge (master);

-         displaying information about the operation being performed;

-         video about the operation being performed;

-         information about the order being executed;

-         control of the norms of the time spent on the operation.

The software allows you to report production times and compare them with the standard production times to see the productivity of each operator, model and order.

What opportunities did the new semi-automatic line give the factory?

1. A wide variety of products are easier and faster to release. On one conveyor, you can organize the release of several small-scale batches.

2. The digital work distribution system allows you to keep an accurate record of working hours, eliminating downtime for workers and equipment.

3. Payroll based on PDM-system (organizational and technical system that provides management of all information about the product).

4. The power of the sewing thread has doubled.

5. The sewing stream has a built-in process using environmentally friendly water-based spray adhesives, which has resulted in significant cost savings, increased labor productivity, and improved working conditions for workers.