24 April 2020, English



Likom Factory (Meleuz, Bashkortostan) is one of the leading enterprises in the country producing gloves and mittens of the POLIZAR brand with polymer coatings for various industries. Likom LLC is included in the list of enterprises producing vital products for continuous production. Therefore, from the first days of the inclusion of a special security arrangements of activity in Russia, it continues to work, producing much needed personnel for utilities, communications, construction, energy, the oil and gas sector, processing and farm enterprises, the food and chemical industries, logistics centers, and other hand protection equipment.

The authorities of Bashkortostan are often interested in the work of Likom LLC. The government of the republic provides all kinds of support to local enterprises, encourages trade within the region, seeking to preserve working places and funds received as a result of paying taxes in the republican budget.

Likom LLC provides with high-quality hand protection almost all the largest enterprises in the region and neighboring regions; its products are also in demand in other regions of Russia.

Today, the factory produces more and more products that are popular in the summer season. This year, POLIZAR 52 gloves with a nitrile coating became an absolute hit, a unique development of the company. Gloves belong to the category "all-season", are widely used in the summer, as well as in winter indoors. This reinforced model is superior in many respects to existing analogues on the market for protection against mechanical stress and aggressive environments. In addition to the basic protective properties, POLYSAR 52 also has the ability to protect against acids and alkalis, high oil and oil and benzene resistance, and resistance to base oil. At the same time, the main advantages of the model are its special softness and elasticity, which provide high comfort during work and helping reduce hand fatigue.

Understanding the importance of maintaining a team, management has taken all necessary measures to ensure the protection of the health of employees: at all production sites, workers maintain a social distance, are equipped with the necessary personal protective equipment for respiratory organs, gloves and antiseptics in individual packaging. Corporate transport, which is daily disinfected, brings them to work. According to the company's management, increased attention to the health status of workers since the beginning of this year has already brings positive results - the number of sick leave has significantly decreased compared to the same period last year.

The factory team is working today in full force, fulfilling the orders of the company's customers. “Each of the employees understands perfectly well that in today's conditions, when many enterprises are unable to continue their activities, stable employment at Likom LLC is the key to prosperity,” says Alexey Bespamyatnov, director of Likom LLC, “therefore people who receive regular salaries having a full social package, guaranteed work, they answer us the same: they work honestly, producing gloves of excellent quality. This attitude of the team to work allows us to fulfill all orders on time. For example, to all those who made preorders in April and demanded that the exact dates of shipment be confirmed, we shipped the products exactly on time ”.