15 December 2020, English

The laboratory of the Likom Factory is fully completed

The laboratory of the Likom factory, which produces POLIZAR gloves and mittens with a polymer coating, has received new control and measuring equipment and is now fully equipped with instruments for quality control of raw materials and products, as well as research and development.

The laboratory at the Likom factory was opened at the end of 2019. In December 2020, the laboratory received a new arrival of equipment: now it is fully equipped with modern testing facilities. They allow not only to control the quality of incoming raw materials and manufactured products at all stages of production for compliance with Russian, European and American standards, but also to carry out research work related to the study of polymer coatings and the development of new models.

Likom is especially proud of the latest system for maintaining climatic conditions in the laboratory. It ensures the consistency of measurements during testing. Thereby to the system, specialists are able to obtain the most accurate results, comparable in quality to the results of accredited laboratories performing tests on order.

“The modern laboratory of the factory allows us to maintain a high brand of product quality,” noted Alexei Gennadievich Bespamyatnov, director of the Likom factory, with pride.