27 January 2021, English


In January 2021 the Vostok-Service Group of Companies released its annual digital Product Catalogue. You can view and download its updated version choosing «Clients-Catalogue» section and the Promotional Brochures section.

This January Vostok-Service released its 2021 E-Product Catalogue.

Vostok-Service is a company which actively promotes sustainability and pro-ecological development, including the events and initiatives aimed at the preservation of the environment favourable to human health. One of such kind of initiatives is reducing the production of disposable short lived hard-copy materials.

The paper waste reduction initiative resulted in identifying the online catalogue as the priority resource, thus enabling the Company to preserve, according to preliminary estimates, 4000 trees (which constitutes about 4-4,5 ha of pine forest), save water enough to fill 2 Olympic-size swimming pools (50х25х3 m) and to reduce the printer ink usage. That may not seem like very much, but we see it as a very important contribution we’ve made to ecological sustainability.

The digital version of the 2021-Catalogue is the exact copy of the printed one. Its flipping effect ensures comfortable viewing and work.

E-Catalogue Benefits:

Access from anywhere

The Vostok-Service 2021-Catalogue is now available to all website visitors online in the «Clients-Catalogue» section and the Promotional Brochures section.

Comprehensive Information on the Products

The E-Catalogue includes compelling product descriptions, the information on protective properties of materials, fabrics and finishes, instructions and recommended guidelines on PPE use. This contributes to the customers’ awareness of the products and facilitates their buying decisions. The E-Catalogue also provides information on norms and standards for several specific products.

More Information in QR Code

The latest E-Catalogue also provides additional information on the products. It is presented in the form of videos, landing pages and specialized articles, which can be viewed by scanning with smartphones.

Guides on Collection and Section Product Range

The E-Catalogue offers the efficient navigation on protective wear series and the product range of the safety footwear and PPE sections. The guide provides a complete overview of the contents of the series, allows customers to get to the page of the model they like fast, as well as provides their easy access to the item they want in the product range of the chosen section.

Convenient Search Functions

The products in the E-Catalogue can be efficiently searched either by product name or by its item number (Ctrl+F). 

All the lines in the table of contents, guides, subject index and cross reference are interactive, so that you can easily jump between the sections and easily identify either the protective clothing or safety footwear or PPE he/she needs.

Comfortable Viewing

The E-Catalogue can be viewed either as a two-page spread or as a single page (in close up). This year we are introducing lots of new products in the area of protective wear, safety footwear and PPE, including functional models designed for customers’ everyday wear and their outdoor activities and hobbies.

We invite you to view the 2021-Catalogue! Download it for deeper perusal and for using it regardless of your Internet connection and order the goods you like!