9 June 2021, English


Hereby we present our novelty – PANDA ECO ARIA half shoes with the upper made of recycled plastic!

Environmental care is of the priority activities of the “Vostok-Service” Company. We persistently upgrade our technologies and materials implementing up-to-date ecological ones. The results of the work lead one to the eco-novelties in our product range. And one of the first come the new half shoes manufactured by the PANDA (Italy).

The outstanding feature of the series is its upper made of PET eco-friendly material made of recycled plastic (plastic bottles mostly).

Footwear manufacturing  from such kind of materials does not only keep the Earth clean, but also contributes towards startling conservation of natural resources: the manufacturing of environmentally friendly models requires 20% less water and reduces air pollution up to 60%.

The PANDA ECO ARIA half shoes also feature the following important characterstics:

  1. Its lining is made of AIRNET 3D-material AIRNET which maintains its properties throughout its wearing life. It is designed in the form of mesh varying in size, thus providing good air permeability, fast dry in case the shoes get wet, and offer sensory feedback.
  2. The SANITIZED treated removable insoles display excellent antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. They are made of the sturdy material: felt with nonwoven fabric cover layer with polyamide and polyester fibers.
  3. Electrostatic protection enables one to wear the footwear at the enterprises setting out high standards for protection against electrostatic discharges.
  4. Improved durability which is achieved due to the combination of PET material with microfiber parts.

PANDA ECO ARIA half shoes are a perfect safety footwear choice for the workers engaged in microelectronics or manufacturing industries implying industrial contamination and the risks of mechanical impact, sparks and slip accidents on oily surfaces. Alongside with that, the model serves the idea of lowering the resource consumption, reducing emission of hazardous pollutants and overall environmental sustainability, therefore fitting the requirements of the enterprises which strive for the same goal.