7 June 2021, English


The 29th «Coal of Russia and Mining» International Trade Exhibition showcasing technologies in mining industry and the 11th «Labor and Human Life Protection» International Trade Exhibition took place in Novokuznetsk from June 1 to June 4. As always, the Vostok-Service Company joined both events.

After a 2 year break the Exhibition has become even a more compelling event in the industry. Its space covered more than 50,000 sq m, the number of exhibitors increased by over 450, while the number of attendees reached 41 787 counted by the tracker.

The «Vostok-Service» Group of Companies display stand was presented at the very centre of the exhibition area. It teamed up the «Vostok-Service» specialists and the representatives of the international brands, namely 3MМ, Ansell, Draeger, Uvex, ROSOMZ and EXORISE who showcased innovative PPE and protective wear solutions.

Alongside with advanced products the up-to-date hi-tech equipment was also presented: industrial exoskeletons, injury simulator and a safety training ground for mastering the skills of working at height.

The industrial exoskeletons form a unique engineering elaboration, the main purpose of which is to support handling heavy tools in long term work, in hazardous locations, in prolonged lifting and lowering work and load-carrying. The use of exoskeletons in manufacturing contributes to absorbing the disc pressure in the worker’s spine up to 37%. Top managers and employees of industrial enterprises, as well as the guests of the Exhibition, media representatives and all those keen on new technological devices were eager to put the innovative mechanism on and test it.

The special space at the stand was devoted to the injury simulator which attracted attention of almost all the visitors. It is developed for use in first aid treatment for injuries of various body parts in severe bleeding, open fractures and burns. The test dummy is anthropometric to a maximum extent enabling the learners to increase their first aid skills.

Another no less latest solution presented at the stand was the safety training ground for mastering the skills of working at height. The facility is designed for on-site training in compliance with the Work at Height Safety Regulations (The Ministry of Labor of the Russian Federation Order dated March 28, 2014 No 155n, amended June 17, 2015 No 383n). Throughout the four days the «Vostok-Service» employees in tandem with their peers from the 3M Company were emphasizing the importance of proper training for working at height through real-case scenarios.

Within the framework of the Exhibition the All-Russia Meeting On the Issues of Updating the Occupational Risk Management for Reducing Industrial Traumatic Injuries and Occupations Diseases at Coal Enterprises took place. The Vostok-Service Company contributed to the meeting with the report on the occupational risk assessment in assembling replaceable sets. The representative of «Vostok-Service» highlighted the experience of «Abie Sistem» automated labor protection management system implementation and its capacities.

Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9fIA4EVzdAU

The «Coal of Russia and Mining» Exhibition was a long-awaited event of 2021 presenting the dynamic agenda, pithy content, highly trained personnel and a productive exchange of experience!