A dynamic versatile international corporation that has gained a strong position in many spheres of business. The search for new solutions is a driving force of the company’s growth and development. Each year, 3M launches over 500 kinds of new products. The company experts have created several dozens of patented technologies, including revolutionary technologies of microreplication and light emission control.
3M. certificate. 3M. certificate. 3M. certificate. 3M. certificate.
Ansell Concern is a leading developer and manufacturer of hand protection solutions in America, Europe and Asia-Pacific Region. The Ansell Corporation working group for science and equipment is a world expert in the area of scientific research. In particular, there are many discoveries related to the study of nature and development of allergies, which belong to Ansell. As a result, allergy reduction products were developed, and the awareness of experts and the population in this issue increased.
ANSELL. certificate. ANSELL. certificate. ANSELL. certificate. ANSELL. certificate.
Europe's largest manufacturer of professional fabrics whose product line features almost the entire list of fabrics for workwear. For over 20 years, the company has been working with fire-resistant fabrics made with the use of Proban® technology.
CARRINGTON. certificate.
Concordia — Concordia Textiles NV (Belgium) — Europe's leading manufacturer of multipurpose synthetic fabrics for jackets. Over 75 years, the company has gained its reputation by the consistently high quality of its products. All Concordia fabrics are designed particularly for manufacture of work clothes.
CONCORDIA. certificate. CONCORDIA. certificate.
The company was founded in the USA in 1802; it is one of the world's largest scientific and industrial multinational corporations. It holds a leading position in production of high-performance materials, speciality chemicals and in other science-based applications. Annually Du Pont invests over 1 billion dollars in scientific development. The company is known for its keen interest in science, enabling Du Pont to become one of the world's largest innovative companies.
DU PONT. certificate. DU PONT. certificate. DU PONT. certificate. DU PONT. certificate.
The world’s number one manufacturer of speciality chemicals is ranked among the Top 10 global chemical concerns. The company owns 300 factories in Canada, Germany, Belgium, France, Spain, and China, operating in several fields: production of civil engineering chemical materials, fine and industrial chemicals, chemicals for a wide range of applications, coatings, fillers, special polymers. In Russia, the most popular Evonik products are hand skin protection products.
EVONIK. certificate. EVONIK. certificate. EVONIK. certificate. EVONIK. certificate. EVONIK. certificate.
For over 40 years, this French company has been manufacturing special shoes that combine style, comfort and perfect protection. Heckel Securite products are popular in Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, the Middle East countries, Africa, Russia and Asia. In Russia, the company has a joint venture with Vostok-Service Group for production of high quality footwear.
HECKEL SECURITE. certificate. HECKEL SECURITE. certificate. HECKEL SECURITE. certificate.
A global leader in technologies and industrial production, Honeywell is listed among 100 leading companies according to Fortune magazine. In 2010, it acquired the company, Sperian Protection, a world leading designer and manufacturer of PPE, safety footwear and protective clothing and offering the fullest range of PPE for workers in all industries. For over 10 years, Sperian Protection has been a strategic PPE partner of Vostok-Service Group.
HONEYWELL. certificate. HONEYWELL. certificate. HONEYWELL. certificate. HONEYWELL. certificate. HONEYWELL. certificate.
For over 180 years, IBENA has been a leading European manufacturer of innovative technical textiles brands and an official member of Du Pont™ Nomex® Partner Program, a program for production of high-quality heat-resistant fabrics, developing traditions of German quality. Their own laboratory, optical-digital screening facility and a team of experts experienced in working with over 1500 kinds of fibres and materials, guarantee total quality control at all production phases and compliance of each metre with international certification standards.
IBENA. certificate. IBENA. certificate. IBENA. certificate.
JSP, a British company, is a leading European manufacturer of a wide range of protection and safety solutions, and a leading manufacturer of safety helmets in Europe. The company specializes in development of innovative high quality products, providing not only protection but also unparalleled comfort.
JSP. certificate. JSP. certificate.
Since more then 30 years, M&G combines Passion in the Italian design of the shoes with experience in the production creating every years new collection of safety shoes, trekking/outdoors shoes and winter boots for mens ladies and children. The accurate materials research and study of the designs are both focused in offering very performing shoes with the best fitting in comfort. With the property company in Rumania, equipped with stitching lines and injection machines, controlled every day by Italian technicians, M&G is producing shoes for a world market.
M&G. certificate.
MSA Company is a global manufacturer of high-quality protection equipment. MSA products, from the most elementary personal protection equipment to high-class equipment with telemetry, combine electronics, mechanical systems and advanced materials ensure user protection even in the most dangerous situations. In order to maximize customer support in MSA, a service centre operates in Russia. Cooperation with Vostok-Service is concentrated in MSA gas monitoring and gas-analytical equipment.
MSA. certificate. MSA. certificate. MSA. certificate. MSA. certificate.
A world-famous Finnish manufacturer of high-quality automobile tyres. This high quality standard is also applied to production of the company’s new products - special footwear.
NOKIAN. certificate. NOKIAN. certificate. NOKIAN. certificate.
A Danish company, largest European manufacturer for over 40 years working in the field of production of hygiene and skin protection products. Today the company produces high quality protective equipment for the skin, highly recommended by in different areas of industry. A unique eye wash is one of their latest developments.
PLUM. certificate.
The products developed by Safety.Lab experts are high quality, reliable and effective hand protection solutions based on raw materials produced only by well-known manufacturers and using innovative technologies. All products are certified by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation and meet Russian and international quality standards. Many products have undergone additional testing in industrial test centres.
SAFETY.LAB. certificate. SAFETY.LAB. certificate. SAFETY.LAB. certificate. SAFETY.LAB. certificate.
Scott Safety Company is a world famous developer and manufacturer of personal protection equipment for use in various industries, for fire and rescue operations, fleet, military and civil defence. Worldwide the company has five production sites, where it manufactures products for protection of hundreds of thousands of people facing various life and health threats on a daily basis.
SCOTT. certificate. SCOTT. certificate. SCOTT. certificate. SCOTT. certificate. SCOTT. certificate.
UVEX SPR LLC – a subsidiary of UVEX ARBEITSSCHUTZ GmbH, Germany, – is a world famous manufacturer of high-quality eye protection (goggles, shields), protective helmets, ear defenders, working clothes, footwear and gloves. UVEX ARBEITSSCHUTZ GmbH is a part of UVEX GmbH holding, a successful player in the world market for over 80 years. UVEX holding has more than 20 branches and 40 representative offices in various countries around the world. Guided by the Protect People mission, the company with its long experience in the production and sale of PPE develops, manufactures and sells innovative products and services for individual safety and comfort for work, leisure and sports activities.
UVEX. certificate. UVEX. certificate. UVEX. certificate. UVEX. certificate. UVEX. certificate.
YKK Group is a multinational corporation combining 115 companies in 60 countries of the world. It is a world leading manufacturer of zip fasteners (from clothing and shoe zips to dust-, gas- and waterproof zips and those offering ultra-violet protection), Velcro fasteners, metal and plastic garment accessories. The company holds 50% of the world “zip” market. It works with the leading clothes manufacturers, including Levis, Mustang, Wrangler, Lee and others. YKK seeks to maintain the same level of quality for products made in different countries. All the products are certified to international standards.
The main activity of the plant is development, production and sale of personal protection equipment for the head, eyes, face, organs of the hearing and respiratory systems. The company’s technical services are constantly working to develop new types of PPE, and improve and modernize the classic, time-tested products. ROSOMZ experts together with leading foreign manufacturers of technologies and materials have developed and introduced a number of new generation PPEs.
ROSOMZ. certificate. ROSOMZ. certificate. ROSOMZ. certificate. ROSOMZ. certificate.
Textime is an expert in the professional fabrics market and are the exclusive representative in Russia and the CIS countries of leading European manufacturers of materials for workwear and uniform (including the ones with special protective properties) such as Carrington Caree&Workwear, England, Concordia Textiles, Belgium, and Satory, Japan, and such trademarks as Termoshild (fire- and heat-resistant materials from global manufacturers).
TEXTIME. certificate. TEXTIME. certificate.