Service regulations for workwear

Proper care for Workwear (Timely cleaning, washing, repair) is essential for preserving its apperance and protective properties throughout the whole period of use.

Workwear should be laundered in accordance with the instructions set out in the form of symbols on the labels placed on the inner surface of the product. For complex products with specialized protective properties, indelible labels are used which remain legible after repeated industrial laundering or dry cleaning

Some basic ways are used to clean workwear.

  • Industrial laundering (cleaning workwear with water and special detergents).
  • Aqua-cleaning (removal of dirt and stains with water and surface-active agents).
  •  Dry Cleaning (removing dirt and stains resistant to normal laudering, with a solvent other than water).

Household washing machines and regular washing detergent cannot remove some of the workwear dirt and grime. Much more effective industrial are washing machines with large diameter drums: workwear falling from aheight can increase the impact, which washes dirt away. Dry cleaning copes well with mineral oils, but subsequent wet cleaning and drying may be needed.

Products of modern fabrics with Easy Care finish are the most resistant to dry cleaners, multiple industrial washings and subsequent high temperature (+85°C) drying. Workwear of fabrics with this finish can be just dried by hanging them out, without ironing (except for the premium cost process).

Proper care for workwear saves money for the purchase of workwear and guaranties the protection of workers.