Service regulations for footwear

Proper care for footwear (regular cleaning, washing, repair) is essential for preserving its apperance and protective properties throughout the whole period of use.

Use and care for footwear

  • Maximum continuous wearing time for footwear is 9 hours.
  • To take off footwear, you need to ease the shoelaces without stepping on the heel and unfasten straps.
  • When wearing, it is necessary to prevent cuts of uppers and soles which lead to the decrease of protective properties.
  • It’s necessary to oil footwear with special cream and then polish the surface with a soft material, at least once a week.
  • When cleaning, it is recommended to use emulsion creams for footwear of chrome leather and oily creams for    footwear made of Russian leather
  • Do not clean footwear with organic solvents .
  • To clean footwear from dirt without damaging the material of top and bottom.
  • To dry the shoe surface with a cloth.

At the end of the working shift it is Necessary to do the Following

To spread and open footwear for airing and drying at no less than 30 cm distance from heaters.

Washing footwear in the washing machine is not permitted!

General recommendations

  • Select footwear in accordance with the intended use.
  • Pay attention to the temperature limitations of footwear.
  • Pay attention to the protective properties of footwear.
  • Select the correct footwear size. If footwear does not fit properly, it will result in discomfort, a tight feeling (if the shoe is small), chafing, possible shape deformation of the product and materials and damage to the materials and thread stitches.
  • It is recommended to soak new footwear with water-repellent cream.