Vostok-Service Group has its own production base - 8 sewing and 4 shoe factories in Russia, Belarus and Italy.

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In each factory a three level quality control system is employed, from the receipt of raw and production materials to the production phase of finished products. When the product comes to any of the warehouses, additional quality assessment is performed. The Quality Management System of the Vostok-Service Group meets the requirements of the Russian National Standard R ISO 9001:2008, which confirms the high efficiency of the organization of production.

Company enterprises, depending on the particular product line and equipment, specialize in producing of various kinds of modern clothing or footwear. The organization of production processes meets certain requirements.
Vostok-Service Group of Companies clothing manufacture comprises 8 factories located in the Russia. Leading companies are Karachev Sewing Factory, Silhouette OJSC, and Chaplygin Garment Factory OJSC.
Vostok-Service shoe manufacture comprise 4 factories in Russia, Belarus and Italy, equipped with high-tech machinery. The Italian shoe factory Panda and Torzhok Shoe Factory CJSC are the leading ones.
Silhouette, JSC is a modern production unit equipped with new highly efficient equipment. Production of European standard insulated overalls is in priority. The company produces Elektra clothes for protection against electric arc burns.
Chaplygin Clothing Factory, JSC is one of the five thousand leading companies awarded the status of Leaders of the Russian Economy. It is listed in the book Labour Glory of Lipetsk Region and was awarded more than thirty times different diplomas and letters of gratitude from the regional administration.
Roba LLC works with customer supplied raw materials fulfilling the orders of Textile-Vostok-Service, and it manufactures Strazh, Saturn, Brigada and Ladoga workwear.
Kedrovka Clothing Factory LLC is a company operating in the Kemerovo region. It was founded in 1994. The factory specializes in production of medium-priced and premium overalls.
Taiga LLC is a sewing company operating in the Kemerovo region. It was founded in 1941.
Torzhok Shoe Factory, CJSC is the largest plant for production of work shoes in Russia. The factory produces over 2 million pairs of footwear per year. Customers of the factory are industrial plants in the metallurgical, construction, and petrochemical industries.
Rabochiy Stil Limited Liability Company was established on October 7, 2009. The company specializes in production of box calf and Russian leather work shoes. Promkomplektatsiya LLC is a customer for these shoes.
The Italian shoe company, Panda Sport Srl., is recognized as one of Europe's leading manufacturers of specialized protective footwear. It is located in the city of Bari, Italy. It was founded in 1979. The company specializes in production of footwear with outer injection soles. The number of employees is 55. Initially the company was associated with the manufacture of sports models, but back in 1991, Panda Sport Srl. became widely known as a working shoe manufacturer.