Vostok-Service Group has its own production base - 8 sewing and 4 shoe factories in Russia, Belarus and Italy.

The company specializes in production of light and insulated overalls for mining industry workers. The company currently has 84 employees. These are highly experienced and truly professional people. Taiga LLC is one of the leading manufacturers of work wear for miners beyond the Urals.

Nowadays, the Taiga factory is the leader in production of miners’ overalls, such as Prokhodchik, Prokhodchik-M, KUZBASS and KUZBASS –M, SLOGGER, GORNIAC, MINER, etc. The company is equipped with modern high-performance JUKI and RIMOLDI machines. Average monthly output is from 5,500 to 6,000 miners’ overalls. In 2012, a new line of knitted underwear production was launched.