Vostok-Service Group has its own production base - 8 sewing and 4 shoe factories in Russia, Belarus and Italy.

Panda Sport Srl. became part of the Vostok-Service Group of Companies in 2008. From that point on, the Company has been heading for optimizing and updating of product assortment. Today, the factory operates modern high-performance equipment: two 24-position carousel type DESMA machines for molding soles PU/PU, a 24-position carousel type machine for molding soles PU/TPU, a 34-position MINE GROUP machine for production of shoes with soles of PU/ PU, PU/TPU, PU/2TP. Robotic machinery is employed for preparation of the forms for the molding mixtures. Due to competent organization of production process, the factory can quickly and flexibly readjust to produce large quantities of products. The factory produces 900,000 pairs of special shoes per year.

The factory is located in the region of Italy which is famous for its shoe traditions. Since its inception, the company’s main target has always been quality. In Europe, Panda footwear is known for its comfort: the shoes have the widest last. New models are developed under the supervision of orthopedic doctors. The company’s products are distinct in their different dynamic modern European style, consistently high quality and affordable prices.