Vostok-Service Group has its own production base - 8 sewing and 4 shoe factories in Russia, Belarus and Italy.

Silhouette, JSC is a modern sewing factory equipped with new highly efficient equipment. The company was founded in 1932. It specializes in the production of complex sewn insulated products (the most significant insulated models of the main selection is, protective clothing against the electric arc burns, specialized wear for protection against high temperatures, and premium products for managers).

The factory joined the Vostok-Service Group of Companies in 1998. The company employs 450 people (420 women). The average age of workers is 29 years. Since the beginning of cooperation with Vostok-Service Group, a large-scale modernization of production facilities was undertaken in the company.

For over 10 years, a modern cut out shop has been in operation at the factory, equipped with a vacuum table for cutting insulation, a layout table with vacuum pump for laying out fabrics, a cut-out tape machine, two automatic sleeve servo-cutters. A computer-aided design system (CAD) provides for a highly efficient process for pattern creation, grading and automated layout. The sewing equipment consists of modern JUKI production machines. Today, Silhouette, JSC produces up to 20,000 units per month.

Silhouette, JSC is the company with high production culture and good working conditions. In 2011, JSC Silhouette was nominated for an all-Russian competition “Russian Organization of High Social Efficiency.”